Developments and challenges in the arable sector

François Lienard

IoF2020 WP5 - Ecosystem building and communications

The Covid 19 is affecting all the food and distribution activities. In this edition, we focus on the arable sector. 

Peter Paree is ecosystem chair of the Arable Trial within IoF2020. He walks us through his observation of the impacts of the crisis in general, and how the IoF2020 use cases are responding to the new posed challenges. In this podcast, we will mention the short and long-term challenges laying ahead, like sector resilience, field labor and storage. But also, the quality standards of products and consequences of crisis on the potato markets. IoF2020 use cases have proven themselves full of resources. They came up with solutions helping product traceability and retail orders, remote advisory and identifying measures that will outlive the crisis.

Listen to the conversation about the COVID-19 challenges

- François LienardIoF2020 WP5 - Ecosystem building and communications