Sharing knowlegde and trainings within the IoF2020 ecosystem

The IoF2020 ecosystem consists of many different partners who all have their own expertise. Clever use of this expertise will help us all foward. In order to help Use Cases with their progress, several Work Packages develop education materials on different topics. Part of this material can be found here, on the IoF2020 website.

For example, Work Package 5 (Ecosystem Development) developed a communication guide which helps Use Cases with their external communication. Communication is crucial for long term self-sustaining Use Cases; how will new partners, end-users or investors find you, if they are not aware of your existence? The ‘20 golden rules for successful Use Case promotion on Social media’ helps Use Cases to improve their social media activities step by step.

Furthermore, Work Package 4 (Business Support) develops webinars to disseminate knowledge. One webinar concerns the ‘Business Model challenges of platform service models in agriculture’. In this webinar you’ll learn how platform Service models are changing the way data or/and information is exchanged in the agri-food sector.

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    Another webinar explains how consumers buying behaviour is determined and, in turn, how these insights can be used to enhance sales.

    That's not all, more webinars are coming! Work Package 4 aims to organise webinars on the following topics:

    •     Price setting for IoT service and hardware; September 2019
    •     Test farm network & impact validation; November 2019
    •     Investment negotiation & pitching; December 2019

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    If you can’t make it, don’t worry, webinars will be recorded and posted here