the work package leaders


“We are facing quite some challenges in agri-food. For instance, we have to feed the world in 2050 with twice the population and half the resources. My key interest is to see if and to what extend IoT can help us in 

addressing this challenge.”

Dr. George Beers

Stichting Wageningen Research, Leader WP1 - 

Project Management & Coordination

"I expect IoF2020 to showcase the high potential impact of IoT innovations on an industrial scale in Europe and to test cross-cutting business models for the upcoming data-driven economy. The agricultural sector will play a key role

here as a test field to prove the technology

and to validate the economic potential of intelligent machine interconnections

and deep data analytics.”

Alexander Berlin

Stichting Wageningen Research, Leader WP4 - Business Support

“IoF 2020 offers an exciting opportunity to validate IoT technology potentials by diverse kinds of agri-food processes and users as well as to enhance IoT reusability for both solution developers and business end-users.”

Harald Sundmaeker

ATB Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen GmbH, Leader WP3 - Internet of Things

“Our vision is to select solutions and implement them with the users, not for the users. We want to see many market-ready solutions, high-tech and competitive, at the global market, with both farmers and consumers taking advantage of them.”

Grigoris Chatzikostas

BioSense Institute, Leader WP2 -

Trial Management

“One of the main objectives of IoF2020 is to build an ecosystem of stakeholders and connect them. This community comprises end-users, technology providers, business partners, investors, NGOs, academia, policy-makers and the general public. Through

their continued engagement, we can guarantee the long-term take up of the innovative results achieved in IoF2020.”

Edwin Hecker

Schuttelaar & Partners, Leader WP5 - 

Ecosystem Development