COVID-19 farming stories you haven’t read yet!

Dear reader,

Like us all, you have probably felt the impact of the COVID-19 virus and its containment measures. It complicated our lives quite significantly. However, in spite of consumers' hamstering behaviour causing a disruption in toilet paper supply, we never felt major food shortages.

Our supermarkets were stocked, our green grocers displayed fruits and vegetables as usual, our butchers still provided us with tasty sausages for corona-solo barbecues. This normal or near-normal food supply is a miracle if you think of it.

As a citizen, as a consumer, it’s easy to forget the whole logistic chain that’s hidden behind this box of eggs you take from the shop alley. It’s difficult to see the multiple challenges that a huge variety of actors had to overcome for these eggs to be on display.

Farming cannot be done remotely. Livestock does not take a sabbatical during the crisis. Food distribution needs drivers, handlers, controllers, etc… Supermarkets also need staff… during a period where no-one was allowed to be out for life endangering reasons.

''This magazine will take you to a world of technologies and strategies of adaptation.''

This online magazine gives you an overview of the challenges that were posed to the agriculture and farming actors. It will also take you to a world of technologies and strategies of adaptation. Indeed, the IoF2020 Use Cases did not stop working. They used this crisis as an opportunity to enhance their remote-controlled monitoring and auditing systems, they took advantage of their smart technologies to try to limit the consequences of the virus on the farming activities and on human life.

Dear reader, discover COVID-19 farming stories you haven’t yet seen!

- The IoF2020 COVID-19 Task Force