Paving the way for iot adoption

Tom Tynan

Member of Cabinet 

Commissioner Phil Hogan

Digital technologies for agriculture have enormous potential offering solutions for the challenges in economic, environmental and social domains. They have the potential to transform production systems in the agri-food sector and provide considerable developing opportunities for rural areas arising from better connectivity, increased social inclusiveness and openings for new business models.

There is also a direct link between the drive for technological advance with the challenge of generational renewal. Young, highly-trained farmers are the conduit through which innovation and new technology can be translated into action in the field. 

Internet of Things technology is at the core of the digitisation process of the European economy and society and it is an essential building block for the implementation of the European Digital Single Market strategy.

"IoT will help to maintain a safe and healthy food supply for European citizens."

The "Internet of Food and Farm 2020" project is the first Internet of Things large scale pilot implemented in the European Union applied to the agri-food sector. It will accelerate the adoption of Internet of Things technologies in the context of maintaining a sufficient, safe and healthy food supply for European citizens. 

Internet of Things technologies could also help the agriculture sector to find the balance between sustainable production and long-term financial viability of agricultural holdings.

IoF2020 has created high expectations regarding the potential of this technology to generate new knowledge across the agri-food sector. 

The implementation of projects like IoF2020 will contribute to pave the way on the main issues that are hampering the adoption of digital technologies in the agriculture sector like data related issues and inter-operability between systems.

Tom Tynan was appointed to Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Phil Hogan's Cabinet in October 2014. Within the Cabinet he is functionally responsible for Agricultural Markets, Rural Development, Research & Innovation, Stakeholders, Fisheries/Marine and Regional Policy. Geographically he is the desk officer for six member states: Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.