Smart Farming High-level Event in the European Parliament

A loud voice in the ongoing discussion on the necessary priorities of future European common agricultural policy (CAP)

On the 29th of January, IoF2020 & SmartAgriHubs will co-organise a high-level event in the European Parliament in Brussels. The event, co-chaired by 3 different MEPs, will highlight project achievements and contributions to EU agriculture, as well as look to the wider world of new agricultural techniques and their future. We are proud to welcome in our programme EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski for a special address to the stakeholders !

The timing of this event is no coincidence: with the recent European elections, the newly formed Commission, and the common agricultural policy (CAP) currently being reformed, this is a strategic moment for IoF2020 & SmartAgriHubs to seek the limelight, and together present their vision for the future of European agriculture. Developments in the digitalisation of the world at large, and agriculture specifically, have only seen an exponential increase. In light of the renewed CAP, IoF2020 & SmartAgriHubs contribute to an array of the 9 CAP objectives that have been recognised by the new Commission. These projects, as well as this event, especially contributes to digitalisation’s potential in increasing competitiveness, environmental care, food protection and rural connectivity.

The High-level Event

The event will be split into three different sessions chaired by Members of the Parliament, each on a different topic but all dealing with the EU’s agricultural and food policies. The high-level event will largely be interactive, fostering debates with key representatives from different fields of the agricultural sector. Therefore, the preferred format of the sessions is a panel discussion, allowing plenty of time for audience interaction and discussion.

After wrapping up the discussions, the event concludes in a networking lunch, where a small IoT exhibition will be set up to get to know the actual technologies used in the farms that take part in IoF2020.

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The event promises not only to be a great insight in the IoF2020 & SmartAgriHubs projects, but will actually have a loud voice in the ongoing discussion on the necessary priorities of future European agricultural policy.

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