Recommendations for future work

The IoF2020 second review

Just like any European project, IoF2020 is subject to a review of its activities by the European Commission and designated experts. Every aspect and work stream are under careful examination to identify the eventual bottlenecks and make sure the project stays on track.

March 2020 was the occasion to the second IoF2020 review and the purpose of this article is to share with you the insights and outcomes from this milestone. All the work package leaders, representatives from the European Commission and designated evaluators gathered in a virtual meeting room (confinement measures apply) to discuss the progression since the previous review that took place in October 2018. 

A few figures first, IoF2020 involves 33 use cases spread over 5 sectors, representing a critical mass of applications to choose from. The number of deployed components is 237, with 2217 deployed units across 321 sites with 149 actors. The number of IoT products and solutions has grown from 34 to 72 over the past year and there have been 172 dissemination and demonstration events. Quite impressive right?  

To cut here the tension, IoF2020 is progressing well! The project is reaching its objectives according to the plan. Positive aspects were highlighted in every work package and IoF2020 received the congratulations from the European Commission which made the team very proud. But we don’t forget about our future work! The paragraphs below will give you a glimpse of what you can expect in the final stage of IoF2020.

''With such important work still to be performed, it’s also important to consider the heritage''

The work on achieving the biggest possible impact will continue and all the work packages are getting ready to implement the recommendations given by the evaluators. In 2020, you can expect an increased focus on sustainability. The impact on the environment of course, but sustainability also in terms of business development. Further exploration of the possibilities to enhance the commercialization of the various solutions, how to take advantage of data monetization, and optimize the return on investment. Sustainability also touches upon the long lasting of the IoF2020 findings, the accessibility, the exploitability of our work in the long term.

For this, the work packages will also consider reaching out to international standards and certification, ensuring that the outcomes of IoF2020 are usable for the widest community and following the strictest ethical considerations. Data sharing and monetization will surely be among the highest work priorities for the next period.

With such important work still to be performed, it’s also important to consider the heritage. What will be left when IoF2020 is officially over? What will happen to all these findings and achievements? Ensuring a sustainable, visible and long-lasting heritage of IoF2020 is also among the priorities of the work packages. Connections with other initiatives, bridging the deliverables with SmartAgriHubs Innovation Portal, creation of use cases catalogue to inform the farming community about IoT possibilities and ensure a wide and long-lasting impact. No doubt that 2020 will be quite busy for IoF2020 members!

- Francois Lienard IoF2020 WP5 - Ecosystem building and communications

François Lienard     

IoF2020 WP5 - Ecosystem building and communications