Remote Milk Quality (UC 2.4)

RDQ tool available for all customers

In Q4 2020 our new customer portal, to manage subscriptions for control samples and calibration sets, will be launched for all our customers. The RDQ-tool is integrated in this new customer portal and now available for all customers.

The Remote Dairy Quality (RDQ) tool has been developed within the Dairy Trial of the IoF2020 project. A valuable tool for dairy companies to improve efficiency through process optimization by obtaining accurate and assured analysis results of infrared instruments. Several dairy processors already use the RDQ-tool with success.

To achieve an improvement in efficiency, it is essential that a thorough control and calibration plan is made per instrument per dairy product. Next, the challenge is to implement it according to plan. With this tool, control and calibration plans are set up and the implementation of the plan is monitored. The method of pretreatment of the control samples and whether the analysis results of the control samples falls within the set limits is all recorded. All results are presented graphically in digital control charts and deviations are reported to the responsible person with alerts.

- Aran Bom  Remote Milk Quality Use Case 2.4

Aran Bom

Remote Milk Quality (UC 2.4)