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Pitstop feeder system

Pitstop+ from MicroFeeder is a robotic, IoT and automated system for Precision Mineral Supplementation (PMS). It is a completely new and innovative technology, developed to meet a growing need for rethinking the way we supplement transition dairy cows. With this system, dairy farmers, dairies and consumers don't need any more to accept that higher productivity also gives higher disease pressure and higher number of selfdead cows, and what this means in terms of animal welfare. Being a new concept, it was often difficult making people understand it. It is therefore great that Internet of Food & Farm 2020 offered support from Flatland Visual Thinking for visualisation of the PMS technology.

Jersey cows fitted with neck mounted Silent Herdsman collars for activity/health monitoring and in the foreground a Pitstop+ feeder from Micro-Feeder, which monitors supplementation feed patterns.

- Ivan Andonovic Use Case 2.6/Use Case 2.3 Cross-Activities

Ivan Andonovic

Technical Chair Dairy trail