IoT lets the animals talk​​​​​​​

Dr. Kristof Mertens 

Business Chair of IOF2020 Meat Trial 

EU EIP-AGRI – Focus Group “Precision Farming” Expert 

Managing Director, Co-Founder of Porphyrio NV

No two animals are the same. This uniqueness of each animal drives the complexity of livestock production. This is true for every type of production system, whether organic or integrated.

Livestock production is about managing the interaction of an organism with specific genetics, physiology and (changing) behaviour, in a certain environment managed by people. Today, we only grasp but a fraction of the information we need to fully understand the animals. Hence, managing this process is not an easy task. 

So wouldn’t it be easier if the animals could tell us how they feel and what they need?

"The meat trial will do just that: let chickens & pigs talk through data."

The meat trial will do just that: it lets chickens and pigs talk through data. They will tell us about their health, welfare and the production on the farm, their welfare during transport and the product quality in the processing plant. And the consumer can see that his high-quality food was efficiently produced in a supply chain that fully respects the animals and the environment. 

We started in early 2017 and I’m very much looking forward to hear what the chickens and pigs have to tell!