Current cases

Within-field management zoning

"The open call opened new joint possibilities with other UCs: we develop a brand independent variable potato planting application. Competing machine builders join forces. IoF2020 made it happen!" 

Precision crop management

"Input from different sensors, satellite images and IoT sensors results in high spatial and temporal crop observations. This data gets processed in a model, resulting in a decision support service that helps farmers monitor and manage their crops in real time. An important perspective of the service is the possibility to add new functionalities, for example the detection of unexpected events such as diseases or pests development." 

Soya protein management

"Through installing a NIR-sensor on the combine harvester we are able to draw a comprehensive picture of all the relevant quality indicators of the soya harvested in the field." 


in the other trials...

All partners put in a lot of effort to achieve one goal: to further the uptake of IoT technology in the European agri-food sector. In this recurring item, partners in other trials explain what they’re working on right now. These are their answers: